Sign saying All we are saying is give impeachment a chance
08 January 2021

t can happen four ways.

But one thing is clear: No viable democracy can endure 14 full days ruled by a deranged madman who’s...

Hopes of a Blue Wave Sweeping Democrats to Power in US Senate Crash on Georgia's Shores
02 January 2021

The Republicans may lose majority control of the United States Senate if they are unable to pick up one of the last two seats, both in Georgia where automatic run-...

Doctor on computer screen
15 December 2020

The Ohio House Health Committee approved Senate Bill 260 today, Tuesday, December 15. The full House could vote on the bill by this Thursday.

When a person decides to have an abortion, they deserve safe, legal, affordable, and ...

Joe Biden
02 December 2020

A new poll shows that 68 percent of Americans say they want lawmakers to reject any corporate-linked Biden nominations. So why is he picking them? 

Although mostly considered the not-Trump candidate, Biden’s presidential...

Photos of a woman to the left and a man to the left
17 November 2020

When it comes to our rural-urban divide in Ohio, and anywhere USA for that matter, our nearest county to our northeast – Licking County, with its largest town being Newark – might as well be Mars. And after Biden defeated Trump, will...

White man smiling
05 November 2020

Let's talk about Election Day two years hence. It is the next chance Democrats have to win statewide non-judicial offices and regain influence in Ohio.

This year Democrats John O'Donnell and Jennifer Brunner have a fighting...


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