Early voting site
10 June 2022

During the 2020 election, Joseph Enriquez took the most drastic measure most Central Ohioans can imagine. He tried to vote on a Saturday afternoon at the Board of Elections on Morse Road, during an Ohio State football game, hoping that...

People at a conference
03 June 2022

Spend enough time in America’s biggest little city with over one-thousand Libertarians and you’ll start to understand why Johnny Cash shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. However, that would be a violation of the non-aggression...

17 May 2022

In my post-election column, I stated that Nan Whaley, the Democratic nominee for Ohio governor, had 1 chance out of 10 of defeating incumbent Gov. Mike DeWine in the general election Nov. 8.

It might be worse than that. Morning...

07 May 2022

I wrote a column titled "Sherrod Bets It All On Nan" last month.

On Tuesday May 3, Sherrod won his big bet. What follows is my take on the election outcome and what it means for the future.

1. Sherrod Brown is the both the...

28 April 2022

Two decades ago, a new name entered the Toledo political arena: Teresa Fedor.

I was living in nearby Bowling Green at the time and had never heard of her.

She had been an elementary public school teacher in the Toledo area...


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