Big nuclear power plant smokestack with white smoke billowing out
14 July 2019

Ohio House Bill (HB) 6 is a huge proposed bailout of two Chernobyl-in-progress Ohio nuclear power plants, plus two old coal burners. The bailout would go to Akron’s bankrupt FirstEnergy, whose two nuclear reactors sit on Lake Erie,...

Black line drawing of three men at a table supposedly arguing though their heads are a gorilla, a stag with antlers and a shark, the word politics at the top
10 July 2019

At the end of June, our corporate media overlords blessed us with the most inclusive political debate in American history. Twenty candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination made their case to voters over the...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
08 July 2019

Four years ago, the editors of the Columbus Free Press gave me the chance to write a monthly column about the local media as the Columbus Media Insider. Over time, the editors let me write broadly about media and politics....

Stage with large screen with a black trans woman speaking and five black women in chairs below
13 June 2019

Community Pride’s third event was a screening of Laverne Cox and Jac Gares’ documentary, “Free CeCe!” The film is about the revolutionary prison abolitionist politics of CeCe McDonald, a black trans woman who was incarcerated into a men...

Big fat nuclear plant smokestack with white smoke billowing out against a blue sky
09 June 2019

Testimony before the Ohio legislature on House Bill 6, Ohio’s nuclear and coal plant bailout bill which ironically also cuts off funds for renewable energies.

Is Ohio's legislature declaring a state of atomic socialism...

Round yellow circle with a face with eyes rolling up to the top left and a frown
03 June 2019

One of the few perks about being a third party candidate after an election is the eventual collective realization that your campaign was right about most of the things you said, despite the fact this realization happens too late for it...


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