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03 January 2017

Now that the National Entertainer-In-Chief election is over, what to do?

Here's what not to do: Overanalyze.

Donald Trump won in the Electoral College. How did he do it and still lose the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by...

12 December 2016

The Public Safety Committee of Columbus City Council held a public budget hearing on December 7. Community members showed up to remind Council that city budget priorities have grave consequences for the citizens they represent. 


15 November 2016

The corporate media has been on a feeding frenzy over the assault of an anti-Trump protester on the Ohio State University campus yesterday. Sensationalism drives page hits and ad revenue, so local and national media have focused almost...

Graphic of state of Ohio with a flower growing in the middle
24 October 2016

At the same time Green Party candidate for county prosecutor Bob Fitrakis was debating Democratic candidate Zach Klein, a Columbus police officer with a history of questionable shootings killed Tyre King, a 13-year-old African American...

Kevin Boyce talking into a mic
13 October 2016

As a candidate for Franklin County commissioner, State Representative Kevin Boyce (D-Columbus) has questionable fitness for the position because of documents released this year concerning his 2009 to 2010 tenure as Ohio’s...

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30 September 2016

The Mainstream Media developed some backbone since we last wrote -- after being brutally manipulated by Donald Trump -- and finally brought full-time 2020 presidential contender, and occasional governor, John Kasich down to size.



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