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30 November 2022

In this essay, I continue my comparative analysis of Columbus, Ohio, among other North American “we’re a big city now” cities (in the words of one...

Brutus Buckeye
27 November 2022

In a continuing series of explorations, I probe US universities and especially the example of The Ohio State University’s sloganeering, marketing,...

Andy Ginther
19 November 2022

Foreword: Columbus, Ohio, exposes itself embarrassingly….

If I, as the holder a Ph.D., am barely able to comprehend the intentionally...

Man waving
16 November 2022

Part Two

Across the board, budgets and staffing are insufficient for the City to meet its legal obligations. As a result, the city is a dirty,...

Harvey J Graff
13 November 2022

Part One

Less than two months ago, pushed by two friends who read my essays, I published “Why I remain in Columbus despite Columbus. . . .” (...

10 November 2022

I argue in recent essays that the currently unbridged and apparently unbridgeable gulf between college students’ academic--including classroom--lives, ...