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Harvey J Graff
17 August 2022

If Columbus, Ohio had a free (almost) daily press, this essay would be published in Columbus Dispatch. But it does not. As many readers are...

Downtown Columbus
14 August 2022

Only in Columbus, Ohio, can “ideas [be] considered for Downtown plan” without confronting the physical reality or the history of downtown....

Harvey J Graff
07 August 2022

We live in an age of division. As the briefest glance at news media shows, contemporary universities are so often centers of differences, contradictions,...

Harvey J Graff
31 July 2022

Do the Mayor, City Council, and senior staff need a map of Columbus? A walking tour? A bus tour of their “Opportunity for a Few City”? They cannot...

Harvey J Graff
24 July 2022

In the outpouring of reporting and opinion writing about today’s unprecedented campaigns for unconstitutional book banning and suppression of free speech,...

Harvey J Graff
17 July 2022

As I continue my search for Columbus’ history and identity, I regularly rediscover the City’s and the city’s willful lack of the foundational elements for a...