Large black words Columbus Media Insider with the M like shattered glass
04 July 2017

The lieutenant governor is the afterthought of Ohio politics. Little attention is paid to the No. Two in state government. Candidates for the post are usually selected in order to balance the ticket rather than on issues. The usual...

31 May 2017

Josh Mandel and John Kasich appear to have spent upwards of $5 million of taxpayers' money on their vain pursuits of a U.S. Senate seat.

Ohio Treasurer Mandel spent nearly $2 million on TV ads pushing him off as a nice guy who...

Young looking man with brown hair receding hairline against trees in background
09 May 2017

I could begin by stating that the world, despite small and justified protests, is celebrating Emmanuel Macron’s recent victory in the French presidential election. On the surface, it would be an accurate statement. People across the...

Bob's at mic yelling and words Bob Bites Back
04 May 2017

Once again, a voter ID bill briefly reared its head again in the Ohio legislature. Ohio House Bill 41 in its original form sought to alter Ohio early voting requirements. State Representative Bernadine Kent (D-25) asked me to analyze...

Donald Trump frowning with hand on Bible at swearing in ceremony
01 May 2017

I imagine I’m not the only political and media observer sickened by the dominant (“mainstream”) corporate media’s habitual reference to xenophobic, right-wing, white-nationalist, and neo-fascist politicians like Donald Trump, Geert...

Three women, two white, one black
28 April 2017

In Columbus, the enormous influence of corporate interests and wealthy campaign donors are reflected in the city's policies and initiatives. As a result of these imbalances, many of the city’s residents, particularly those in poor and...


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