People outside a brick building with posters and signs
24 March 2019

Family and friends gathered to show their love and support for Donna Dalton who was murdered by former Columbus Police vice officer Andrew Mitchell at the site of a vigil, Saturday, March 23. Justice will only be served until Andrew...

People marching with very large high signs with depictions of barrels of tomatoes with the words How much longer? and Join the Fair Food program and a Wendy's hamburger that says violence on it
11 March 2019

Fifty farm workers and their children traveled from Immokalee Florida to march in Columbus last Friday, in coordination with International Women's Day, with 300 university students and locals.

Marchers demanded human rights, and...

Skeleton leaning against a pole outside holding an anti-Pence sign
10 March 2019

Anti-fracking, environmental activists protested Mike Pence's visit to Easton in Columbus to speak at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association convention. 

Dozens of kids sitting around an office with a tomato sign that says Dignity
07 March 2019

On March 7 at 3:15 PM, 25 members of the Ohio State University community including undergraduate and graduate students, staff , and alumni entered Bricker Hall and began a sit-in outside of President Drake’s office to demand OSU end its...

People outside in the cold and rain holding a Fighting for Fair Food sign
06 March 2019

On International Women’s Day 2019 (March 8), hundreds of farmworkers, students, people of faith, community leaders and allies from across the country will march from Goodale Park to Ohio State University President Drake’s office as part...

Woman in cold weather gear holding a sign at a protest outside that reads The Trump Presidency is the REAL emergency
19 February 2019

Over 100 people gathered on a cold Monday morning February 18th -- President's Day -- in downtown Columbus to protest what they called Trump's fake emergency on the border to justify his spending more money to build a wall. They marched...


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