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Dispatch building
19 April 2023

How can the US’s 14th largest city have the nation’s worst collection of what were once called “legitimate media”? I do not have a comprehensive answer, but...

14 April 2023

Detested by most residents, “hated” to use the word regularly repeated by Columbus Police, and used without obeying the law by relatively few, the plague of...

White man with red hair
08 April 2023

Dear unrepresentative council member Rob Dorans,

May I give you a tour of Columbus or any other city in the US or the world? Have you ever been to a...

Students in classroom
06 April 2023

I submitted this “guest essay” to the New York Times following publication their fourth error-filled opinion essay about universities and the...

Harvey J Graff
01 April 2023

I take the unprecedented step in the history of the City of Columbus to voice a demand publicly for an apology and reparations for neighborhood...

John Hartman
29 March 2023

I write in sadness but with admiration and memories of pleasure. I am of an age. I dedicated my 2022 book, Searching for Literacy, to four scholar/...