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Is college worth it with man and graduation hat
02 November 2023

Today’s news overflows with concerns about the cost and benefits—“is college worth it?”--about higher education itself, its price,...

OSU sign
27 October 2023

Part Two

Private or Anti-Public Service is also responsible for public utilities of all varieties. This puts them in active relationships with...

Map of OSU
22 October 2023

Part One

The “city” of Columbus searches in vain for an identity and a history. Its basic identity is its lack of an established,...

Fraternity house
10 October 2023

Part One

The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio is among the largest public universities in the United States. A minority of...

Images from Columbus postcard
04 October 2023

Standing out among Columbus’ multiple crises of identity is its refusal to make serious, accurate comparisons with any other cities anywhere:...

Empty beer can on the ground outside at night
30 September 2023

As I demonstrate in previous essays, the “city” of Columbus, Ohio and The Ohio State University are two peas in a decaying pod. (See references below...