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Harvey J Graff
24 May 2022

Lost in the attention accorded to the flurry of right-wing Republican legislatures’ passing and governors’ signing blatantly partisan and extralegal...

Harvey Graff
14 May 2022

Lessons from the City

My major lessons will be news to some and confirmation to others. Like many middle-size to large cities, Columbus claims special...

Harvey Graff
11 May 2022

While adapting to retirement and finding conditions in the University District more intolerable than at any time in 18 years of homeownership in a historic...

Trump holding up a sign
07 May 2022

Given the rhetorical prominence that right-wing Ohio Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and House districts gave to the 45th  president's erroneously...

Harvey Graff
02 May 2022

My sad tales continue with new elements added every day. In chronological order, they are, so far:

First, leaders of other Columbus neighborhoods...

Harvey Graff
29 April 2022

Part Two

The bigger picture

NorthSteppe/Stickney is only the most egregious of the offending organizations among its peers. Almost...