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Harvey Graff
09 January 2022

Columbus, Ohio, is the rare large U.S. city (14th most populous, second largest city in the Midwest, and third most populous state capital) that...

Harvey Graff
04 January 2022

“Texas patriots,” as they call themselves, call for secession from the Union, harkening back to their fictionalized idyllic days of the short-lived Republic...

Harvey J Graff
29 December 2021

Maddening media misconceptions

1.     Can the media, popular culture mavens, and politicians begin to...

Harvey J Graff
25 December 2021

Note: area readers are aware that the local “daily newspaper” is no longer either daily or a newspaper. Following USA Today/Gannett, the...

Harvey J Graff
22 December 2021

Quietly, as usual, the undemocratic apparatuses of the City of Columbus make their moves.

On Friday, Dec. 10, the Columbus Dispatch briefly...

Harvey J Graff
19 December 2021

Former president Donald Trump popularized the phrase “fake news” as one of his terms of universal condemnation for any reporting—or stated facts—with which...