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Harvey Graff
20 November 2021

I begin with a partial disclaimer. My knowledge about the failures of Columbus city government comes largely from the middle-to upper-middle-level officials...

17 November 2021

Two and a half months ago, I published this letter to the editor in the Toledo Blade, Aug. 29, 2021: 


Where is the Ohio Democratic...

Harvey Graff
13 November 2021

Note: My apologies for misspelling Chase Meola’s last name. No offense was intended. To other readers, I am not minimizing the very real crime problems...

Columbus Dispatch sign
07 November 2021

As a published author of scholarly and popular writing for more than 50 years, I expect criticism. I’ve received my fair share. But never have my words been...

Lantern article
06 November 2021

Editor's Note: This article is in no way intended to trivialize the death of Chase Meola. We send our condolences to his friends and family and understand...

Racism with no sign through the word
27 October 2021

In the past two months, the state of Ohio actively retreated from its commitment to promote equity and combat racism in its schools. The reactionary march...