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Harvey J Graff
10 March 2023

Surprisingly or not, the Columbus City Council, apparently with the advice and consent of the City Attorney’s Office, publicly decreed at its Monday, March...

Harvey J Graff
08 March 2023


Columbus’ reigning Democratic political class falsely presents itself as progressive and democratic. This seldom goes beyond...

Harvey J Graff
03 March 2023

Rather than taking humor again as the genre for this essay, I follow French author Emile Zola’s classic 1898 open letter to the President of France as my...

People reading
28 February 2023

The United States and Ohio commit relentlessly to limit children’s reading and literacy. Led by Ohio State University’s anti-academic, anti-children’s...

Kristina Johnson
22 February 2023

On the occasion of the Board of Trustee’s February 2023 meeting, Ohio State’s shortest serving, and soon-to-be unemployed ex-president, millionaire Kristina...

Harvey J Graff
16 February 2023

The mayor’s, city council’s, and Columbus Police Department’s chiefs’ uninformed, misleading commentaries and mismanagement of public safety would be comic...