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Racism with no sign through the word
27 October 2021

In the past two months, the state of Ohio actively retreated from its commitment to promote equity and combat racism in its schools. The reactionary march...

Politics written on a chalkboard
21 October 2021

On Columbus City Council 

I’ve chosen not to follow the mini-election next week very closely. On the one hand, none of the...

Governor DeWine
13 October 2021

The saga of Gov. DeWine’s Covid failures progresses. [...

Big O logo of OSU
08 October 2021

As a retired Ohio State University professor and 17-year homeowner in Columbus’ University District, I have encountered the steadily increasing numbers of...

Three white men
02 October 2021

Ohio’s elected Republicans at all levels of government fail the public. It worsens rather than improves. They act against public health and safety; imitate...

University Hall
16 September 2021

The Ohio State University is Columbus’s most well-known landmark. Its national prominence stems primarily from its major, largely male sports teams, with...