White man with glasses laughing posing with  white women with shoulder length blonde hair holding a plaque and smiling
01 November 2018

Monday, October 8 was the 2018 Free Press Annual Awards Ceremony at Woodlands Tavern. It was supposed to be “Columbus Day” – but we at the Free Press were happy to hear that the city of Columbus DID NOT commemorate Columbus Day...

White woman with long curly brown hair looking pensive
30 October 2018

Viper Club is too earnest and low-key to qualify as exciting cinema. On the other hand, if you believe in the First Amendment and are concerned about President Donald Trump’s constant and self-serving attacks on the press, it may prove...

Fancy costumed people against blue theater backdrop like a castle inside, feathered headdresses, dancing
28 October 2018

Great songs, fine singing and dancing, nifty special effects, beautiful scenery: What else could you ask from a Broadway musical?

Well, other than a story you actually care about. Aladdin falls short in that respect,...

17 October 2018

Unforgettable. That’s the best word to describe Joan Baez’s recent show in Cleveland. The setlist consisted of socially conscious songs spanning nearly 60 years and topics from the Civil Rights movement to women’s rights and labor...

Side view of man and woman singing to each other into a mic, man is playing  guitar
05 October 2018

A Star Is Born has been made and remade so often, it must hit a chord with the American psyche. Either that, or it’s such a perfect star vehicle that Hollywood just can’t let it gather dust for long.

Whether it’s set in...

Top part of book cover with a guy playing basketball and the word Tigerland
03 October 2018

The year was 1968. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. The nation was in turmoil. There were riots in cities across America. That following school year, the Columbus East...


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