Half of a drama mask smiling and words Columbus Black Theater Festival
10 June 2019

The Columbus Black Theatre Festival (CBTF) celebrates its seventh year this July. As an African American playwright myself, my goal for the CBTF is to showcase original plays by other Black playwrights – especially new playwrights – to...

Black woman standing next to a large film reel that says No Evil Eye on it
04 June 2019

Cinephiles and movie lovers are treated as passive and apolitical consumers in the profit driven commercial film industry. The new leftist, radical, and underground micro-cinema, NO EVIL EYE, offers audiences and artists in Columbus a...

Two reptilian monsters with mouths open seemingly yelling at each other with a murky blue background
31 May 2019

It was back in 1954 that Japan gave us Godzilla, the story of an ancient monster reawakened by tests of the hydrogen bomb. The original movie (though toned down for its U.S. release) was a grimly compelling morality tale. Like...

Orange photo of woman with long black hair belly dancing and words Habeeba's Belly Dance
29 May 2019
Something old is new again – alternative exercise for women who are bored with the same fitness routines. Instead, come shimmy with us at Habeeba’s Belly Dance Studio.   Bellydancing at Habeeba’s is the fun way to build strength, stamina,...
Brightly colored square of environmental scenes
09 May 2019

(Franklinton): OBLSK is collaborating with Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Columbus campaign, 400 West Rich, and Chromedge Studios to project "Loops and Life," an animation...

Young woman of color wearing a white hat and suit and pearl necklace standing in front of mics at a podium and signs with her name Ilhan State Representative in the background
02 May 2019

Anyone looking for insight into Ilhan Omar, the prominent freshman congresswoman from Minnesota, is apt to be both pleased and disappointed by Time for Ilhan.

Norah Shapiro’s documentary does a good job of explaining how...


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