A bunch of photos on a shelf and the word Ohio cut out of metal on the floor
30 November 2018

Our final Fire Forged Poetry event of the year is November 30, 6:30-9pm and has an extra special feature. Hanif Abdurraqib will be our feature and he has chosen to donate to Mozaic, a wellness program and community space for transgender...

Back of wWoman with blonde buffant hairdo with both hands holding a young man's face
16 November 2018

Most of us know gay conversion therapy is a hoax that preys on the fears of gay people and their families, especially those whose religion rejects non-traditional sexual orientations. What most of us don’t know—unless we’ve been unlucky...

A man with sunglasses and hair blowing in the wind hovering behind a woman looking upset talking into a pay phone
10 November 2018

Lee Israel’s abrasive and self-destructive personality is established in the first scene of Can You Ever Forgive Me? While working a late-night job, Lee (Melissa McCarthy) hits the wrong person with an F-bomb and is...

White man with glasses laughing posing with  white women with shoulder length blonde hair holding a plaque and smiling
01 November 2018

Monday, October 8 was the 2018 Free Press Annual Awards Ceremony at Woodlands Tavern. It was supposed to be “Columbus Day” – but we at the Free Press were happy to hear that the city of Columbus DID NOT commemorate Columbus Day...

White woman with long curly brown hair looking pensive
30 October 2018

Viper Club is too earnest and low-key to qualify as exciting cinema. On the other hand, if you believe in the First Amendment and are concerned about President Donald Trump’s constant and self-serving attacks on the press, it may prove...

Fancy costumed people against blue theater backdrop like a castle inside, feathered headdresses, dancing
28 October 2018

Great songs, fine singing and dancing, nifty special effects, beautiful scenery: What else could you ask from a Broadway musical?

Well, other than a story you actually care about. Aladdin falls short in that respect,...


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