Man with dark hair and a yellow vest with a news media microphone aimed at him and he has a worried look on his face
05 September 2018

Crazy Rich Asians has been hailed as a possible game-changer, being the first Hollywood movie in 25 years to feature a predominantly Asian cast. As a harbinger of a more-inclusive future, though, I’d rather look to a smaller film called...

Black and white book cover with the words LBJ's 1968
29 August 2018

This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the many things that occurred in America’s most horrible year in the most tumultuous decade of the twentieth century. In some ways it’s an anniversary for me, too, because it marks when I became...

The word in red Peace with a bunch of related words all around it like Human Rights and Cultural Diversity
22 August 2018

One hopes that human wisdom and ethics will continue to grow, but unlimited growth of population and industry on a finite earth is a logical impossibility.

Today we are pressing against the absolute limits of the earth’s carrying...

Drawing of a black young woman wearing a blue burqa and the words Far Tune Autumn
09 August 2018

“Words ‘n pictures, you can do anything with words ‘n pictures,” the late Harvey Pekar, writer of the “American Splendor” series famously said of the comics medium. Anyone wishing to see a concrete example of Pekar’s quote need only...

Old man with oxygen in his nose, in a bed
06 August 2018
A feature film, Nothing To Do, will be showing this Saturday August 11th, 12 noon at the Gateway Film Center as part of the Film Festival of Columbus. Mike Kravinsky,  the writer/director and will be attending. NTD is a dramedy based on...
Young white man with dark hair and goatee sitting next to young black man with big afro and beard
30 July 2018

Take an improbable real-life event, add a few history lessons, throw in an inspirational sermon or two, season it with a dollop of satire and romance and pour the whole concoction into a crime-drama mold. Then, for good measure, top it...


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