Book cover
05 February 2020

Generally speaking, I don’t comment on or criticize the voting behavior of others. As old folks used to say when I was growing up, my mouth ain’t no prayer book. But if I live to be one hundred, I will never understand why any black...

A T-shirt drawing on itself with words Comfest on it
03 February 2020

Artists, designers and anyone who wants to be a part of ComFest history, start your pens.

It’s ComFest Logo Design season again, and we need your artistic vision for the 2020 program guide, volunteer T-shirt, and beer mug designs...

Sign that says Streetlight Guild
27 January 2020

When people think of artists from Columbus, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, Emerson Burkhart, and George Bellows are among the first names that pop up in the Columbus art history books. Recently, Smoky Brown has been getting some local...

Lincoln Theater
02 January 2020

The King-Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood was best known in its glory years for its jazz clubs that catered to African-American artists between the 1920s and 1960s. As the new decade begins, one historic theatre is launching a brand new...

Man sitting at a table
31 December 2019

World War I tale uses gimmick to jaw-dropping effect 

When a director tries a novelty such as pretending to tell a story in one uninterrupted take, we’re likely to approach it with a little cynicism. After all,...

Book cover Beneath the Ruthless Sun
24 December 2019

I never really thought of Florida as part of the South. Today, the backbone of the Sunshine State is tourism, and it’s well known for its beaches, theme parks, and retirees. But it is the southernmost contiguous state...


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