Book cover
20 February 2022

What an adorable photo on the cover of this book! The slender, handsome boy is all of ten years old; I have socks older than that. Yet he also looks confident and serious. How would someone so young know about a vanishing country? I...

10 February 2022

Community Festival (ComFest) has announced that ComFest will return live to its home in Goodale Park on June 24, 25 and 26, 2022. 

Celebrating 50 years of community, social activism and education, ComFest will again feature live...

Julie and Dayvon
14 January 2022

Let’s Talk Theatre with Julie Whitney-Scott

Julie: Let’s meet Dayvon Nichols from the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC).

Dayvon: I was born and raised in Cleveland. I...

Film being made
09 January 2022

Interweaving lecture, personal anecdotes, interviews, and shocking revelations, the documentary "Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America" draws a stark timeline of anti-Black racism in the United States, from slavery to the modern...

Woman talking into mic
24 December 2021

On Sunday, Dec. 5, dozens of theater lovers gathered at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s Africa Event Center to hear about the strange connection between the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a remote Canadian town and the zoo...


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