Film poster with words Powerful Flamboyant and Notorious and a middle aged white man sitting in a huge fancy armchair
28 October 2019

Since Donald Trump first landed tweet-first in the Oval Office, armchair psychiatrists have been trying to figure him out.

Why does he have so little regard for the truth—or for anything outside of his own self-interest? Why does...

Book cover of book
10 October 2019

It must have been somewhat difficult to grow up as the namesake of one of the most prominent and controversial human rights leader in American history, Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and his wife, Jacqueline Brown. Yet the younger...

White man and black man sitting at a table looking very solemn
30 September 2019

Is Atticus Finch a “white savior”? That question probably wasn’t on the minds of those who took part in a PBS poll that named To Kill a Mockingbird America’s favorite novel. But it certainly was on the mind of Emmy-winning writer Aaron...

21 September 2019

A new freely downloadable book

I would like to announce the publication of a book, which reviews the lives and thoughts of some of the women and men who have addressed the crucial problems of ecology and sustainability that we...

Black male rapper on stage with arms in air holding a mic
14 September 2019

While the exact origins of rap and hip-hop music are debatable, what was once an underground genre within New York City hit the mainstream in 1979 with the...


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