Black man and woman with eyes closed leaning their foreheads against each other
01 January 2019

With Moonlight, his 2016 breakthrough film, writer-director Barry Jenkins defied our expectations. If you knew the Oscar winner was set in a poor Miami neighborhood and that two of its characters were drug dealers, you still weren’t...

Puppet looking people, a white man in a military hat looking disturbed and a woman leaning over him looking concerned
21 December 2018

This year’s usual bumper crop of holiday movies includes a political biopic, a Disney sequel and a bizarre tale of the aftermath of a hate crime. All of them open on or before Christmas Day. Let’s start with the best.


A balding white guy with red framed glasses and facial hair smiling sitting at a table with his arm around a bald black man in a white and black designed sweater also smiling
04 December 2018

Who knew the war-torn Congo and Hollywood would meet in Ohio and make for a good movie subject?

Keida Mascaro – that's who. 

"I gotta make this movie – here, 100% in Columbus, with Columbus money and as much Columbus...

A bunch of photos on a shelf and the word Ohio cut out of metal on the floor
30 November 2018

Our final Fire Forged Poetry event of the year is November 30, 6:30-9pm and has an extra special feature. Hanif Abdurraqib will be our feature and he has chosen to donate to Mozaic, a wellness program and community space for transgender...

Back of wWoman with blonde buffant hairdo with both hands holding a young man's face
16 November 2018

Most of us know gay conversion therapy is a hoax that preys on the fears of gay people and their families, especially those whose religion rejects non-traditional sexual orientations. What most of us don’t know—unless we’ve been unlucky...

A man with sunglasses and hair blowing in the wind hovering behind a woman looking upset talking into a pay phone
10 November 2018

Lee Israel’s abrasive and self-destructive personality is established in the first scene of Can You Ever Forgive Me? While working a late-night job, Lee (Melissa McCarthy) hits the wrong person with an F-bomb and is...


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