Short blonde wtoman wearing a yellow coat and sunglasses talking and gesturing to a taller white man with gray hair and a gray suit outside by tree and a lake
30 April 2018

I work with the grassroots ballot initiative campaign, The Columbus Community Bill of Rights

We’re working to get 8,000 Columbus voter signatures before June 26, 2018 to put this City Ordinance on the November ballot, to...

Three squares, one at bottom right with a black map of the U.S. and windmills at top with words Ready for 100% and two other squares one bottom right and one top with views of the river from above
17 April 2018

Ready for 100 Columbus, a campaign to persuade the city of Columbus to commit to achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 or before, is hosting an aerial art photography project on Earth Day.

Ready for 100...

Two women, one young with hair pulled back and the other older with long brown curly hair standing behind two men kneeling, both wearing hats with brims and wire rimmed glasses, everyone smiling
03 April 2018

At this time of every school year, most seniors across the country are itching to bust out of high school and into their own independent lives. This feeling is commonly known as “Senioritis” and lucky for me, I haven’t spent the last...

A poster of a drawing of a man and the words No Mas Abusos
31 March 2018

The first memory I have of Wendy’s was in the mid 1970’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My mother told me of a new restaurant in Old Town that served square hamburgers. She loved that they had a salad bar – the old-style salad bar where...

Painting of a large man in a black robe-like shirt sitting in a big red chair with gold edges against a white background with trees
07 March 2018

It was fun.

Backstory: I've been taking February vacations in Puerto Rico 20 years now. Normally I'd leave 'round the beginning of the second week so upon return half of the most evil of months would be behind me. It'd bust up...

A patch with a white eagle on top, red, white and blue with stars and stripes and the words Columbus Police and what looks like the Santa Maria in the middle
05 March 2018

Death of Steven Tyler Reed overshadowed:An 11-year veteran of the Columbus Police Department, Nathan A. Schwind, fatally shot 25-year-old Steven Tyler Reed on February 10 in a Hilltop neighborhood. Schwind and other...


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