Photo of woman
29 December 2015

As the winter emerges

It fixes me with a piercing stare

My tears sparkle,still

I take a walk in the cold

Mist wraps me up like a robe

Nature's severity lessens my inner shock

Daisies, Lilies, ...

Mug with the earth on it
09 December 2015

Shop local, shop independent, shop small business, and shop for social justice!

  To be a responsible consumer during a stressful holiday season, you can support your own community by shopping at real stores...

Photos of black actresses
27 October 2015

There are those who believe that African American women have “come a long way baby” in regards to the world of movies and television. It appears that they have evolved from being just maids and cooks on film.  They no longer...

Bob Fitrakis at the awards dinner
21 October 2015

   The Free Press celerated 45 years  with over 100 supporters on October 19 at the Florentine Restaurant. Six local activists were honored at the dinner in a lively ceremony emceed by Editor Bob Fitrakis filled with positive messages...

Awards dinner logo
14 October 2015

Buy tickets:
Monday, October 19, 2015
Florentine Restaurant
907 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43222...

Hempfest poster
26 September 2015

Sun, Sept 27, “High Noon ’til 10pm,” Browning Amphitheater and South Oval at Ohio State University

Purpose: To educate the public on the myriad of potential benefits offered by the Cannabis plant, including the medicinal,...


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