Solar panels on rooftops
03 February 2022

Homeowners who live in homeowner associations and condo associations could soon have the right to install solar panels on their roofs. With a 32 to 1 vote, the Ohio Senate earlier this week passed Senate Bill 61, a bill making it easier...

18 January 2022

They decided their life’s work was going to be saving other peoples’ lives. But no other group of professionals has had a reckoning during the pandemic as nurses and doctors have. And while they are expected to work long hours in...

Black woman on panel
11 January 2022

Six months in, the Civilian Police Review Board has not yet begun their work.

Over twenty years after citizens of Columbus began asking for a civilian board to monitor the actions of the Columbus Division of Police, they...

Man standing outside a wall of fences
19 December 2021

The biggest news story over the past few weeks has been the continued exposing of the Israeli military’s use of dirty tech to surveil Palestinians, and the extent to which Israeli-made spyware is used globally by oppressive governments...

Young woman with baby
07 December 2021

Below this introduction is the obituary for Sarah Michelle Burris, who passed from a drug overdose in October. The obituary was written by her mother who wrote it “early one morning after not sleeping very much. The words are straight...

01 December 2021

Some are calling it the beginning of a “Gen Z uprising” while others are even suggesting American unions could rise out of the ashes as leverage for service sector workers continues to grow.

Starbucks baristas are beginning to...


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