Kroger ad images
20 October 2021

At a Walmart on Columbus’ far westside there are 200 job openings, according to frontline workers there.

On a recent Friday afternoon at an eastside Kroger, only three unautomated checkout lines were open, and its state-...

Esther Flores
10 October 2021

Here’s what happened at the October Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon on October 9.

Watch the salon video here

Free Press Board member...

Collage of pictures
30 September 2021

Ohio’s medical marijuana law and program are not perfect and there have been complaints – prices are too high, the state-mandated THC levels are too low, you can’t grow your own medicine, and the complaint heard most often, it’s illegal...

Ohio map
17 September 2021

Back in August, I had the honor of emceeing the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s annual State Conference, held in a hotel banquet hall just north of 270. Unlike previous years, it wasn’t quite a “convention” anymore, because the Libertarians...

08 September 2021

Oppo research. Never forget. Adult use initiative a go. The bird is a word.

Selected bites of fresh cannabis news sliced from the headlines, with a legislative flavor and sweet Ohio twist. Sources are linked.


FOP logo and Shannon Hardin after being maced
29 July 2021

The new three-year labor deal between the City of Columbus and Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Cap City Lodge #9 shows once again our local law enforcement union is dictating its demands to the community instead of the community...


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