Indigenous woman
30 January 2023

I would like to tell you about a very interesting and well written summary of indigenous resistance in early Ohio, aspirating to intertwine it with current struggles. This reader learned a lot!

The Columbus Worker, offers a...

Davud Harewood
28 January 2023

It seems Columbus’ policing unfortunately follows national trends, incident by incident. Columbus Police actions have become a regressive, dark-mirror version of the country: a week after a jury in Atlanta convicted three men on hate...

15 January 2023

I love music and, like I think anyone raised in America, loves a good celebration. It’s important, though, to keep in mind that many of the celebrations we hold come from having overcome extreme adversity. It’s also important to note...

13 January 2023

Seeing the current workforce exodus crippling other contractors and the dire need for new approaches to addiction treatment, a group of Columbus-area businesses are backing a very innovative and unique nonprofit endeavor to address both...

White woman
27 December 2022

I am a straight, white woman who lives in the suburbs. I grew up in Columbus, taught in Columbus schools. But, now, I live in the suburbs. I have no friends here. At one time, I had many. We supported each other, babysat each other’s...


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