Two men at the front of a room speaking
20 April 2022

A group calling itself the Columbus Coalition on Rent Control filed a petition this week with the city to officially begin a citizen-led ballot initiative which would create a rent control ordinance and establish a new...

People marching holding sign
14 April 2022

The Caravan for Water and Life has run through much of central Mexico, backed by the National Indigenous Congress (CNI). The Caravan’s goal is to raise awareness of how the subsidiary of Danone multinational corporation, Bonafont, for...

Hand holding a pen writing on paper
07 April 2022

To the lawmakers who would ban discussion of “controversial topics” in Ohio classrooms,

Ohioans see you. We see the unconstitutionality of HB327 and HB616 and how you are perfectly fine wasting money passing and later defending...


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