White woman
27 December 2022

I am a straight, white woman who lives in the suburbs. I grew up in Columbus, taught in Columbus schools. But, now, I live in the suburbs. I have no friends here. At one time, I had many. We supported each other, babysat each other’s...

Comic of a voting site on the moon
15 December 2022

Earlier this week civil rights and grassroots leaders, such as the Ohio Conference of NAACP, released a letter to Ohio legislators urging them to vote “NO” on Substitute HB 458. But both the GOP entrenched Ohio Senate and the Ohio House...

04 December 2022

Where I live, the seasons change fast. We’ve barely put away our jack-o’-lanterns in Kansas City when a cold wind blows in from the prairie, bringing down leaves — and soon after that, ice storms and snow.

But no matter how cold...

Houseless person's stuff
30 November 2022

Ohio House Bill 430, pushed by the entrenched Ohio Republicans and passed in September, had a simple enough title: “Regards property development.” It made a slew of changes to the Ohio Revised Code, such as revising laws for orphaned...

Mounds, people holding boxes, a Native American face
23 November 2022

Stored in a nondescript Columbus office complex is a massive cache of Ohio’s most important Native American artifacts. Also stored there are the remains of roughly 7,200 Native Americans whose grave sites were dug up by archeologists or...


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