Young white man with both arms up in the air singing at a mic
02 January 2019

Man of the Year 2018: Joe Peppercorn, purveyor of our annual dozen-hour Beatles Marathon at the Blue Stone, an event of such precise performance by him and his merry band of precision players I could've sworn I was in Liverpool's The...

Black and white photo of young dark haired man singing into a mic on a stage
01 January 2019

The inaugural Columbus Covers Columbus (CCC) festival, held in January of 2018, was based on a unique idea. The two-day festival would feature Columbus musicians playing cover sets comprised entirely of the music of other local acts....

Black and white photo of bald black man smiling and singing into a mic with a flowered shirt on
27 December 2018

Not to imply you were concerned. But I notice if a different gas station clerk is working during my routine. I notice if gas prices decrease. Maybe you noticed I haven't written in the Columbus Free Press a few months. There...

Smiling black man standing in a suit on a stage holding up a huge pair of women's undies that are white with two red harts on them
05 December 2018

How to put it politely? Naughty-naughty-naughty 85-year-old blues bandleader and singer Bobby Rush and his two equally naughty female dancers emphasized nothing but their chakras related to sexual intercourse at his Woodlands Tavern...

Older man with black hat, white hair and beard, sunglasses, sitting on a chair on stage with his arms spread wide with lots of tattoos and a red rock and roll electric guitar on his lap
01 November 2018

One of the unrecognized benefits of music is its value as an anthropological tool. Music functions as the soundtrack of a culture, identifying norms and taboos and painting a vivid picture of the lives of its listeners. Music is also...

White man playing keyboards
29 October 2018

For a lot of people, one Maneri is too many if that one is Jim, the infamous keyboard mad man maniac and Facebook human incendiary who hates Donald Trump more than life itself.

 But I've always been partial to Jim because when...


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