Woman singing at a mic
03 February 2020

There are two ways to watch a show at the Shrunken Head Rock 'n Roll Club. The first is grabbing some dinner with some friends and heading over just in time to buy a drink before things get going. Sit at a table and sneak off before...

Paul McCartney
01 January 2020

Guess who dropped in to Sgt. Peppercorn's Annual Beatles Marathon at the Bluestone the Saturday before Christmas?

A) Brian Epstein
B) Jeffrey Epstein
C) Herman of the Hermits
D) Paul McCartney!


Guy in Cowboy hat playing a guitar
31 December 2019

It’s late December, and I’m standing at the Dick’s Den bar with my brother Charlie a little after six o’clock. We’re here to play the Phil Ochs Tribute Show, along with a couple of other bands and solo musicians. But we’re really just...

Black man pointing to the left
06 December 2019

As the noose of political correctness strangled what's left of our culture, 2019 nevertheless had a few last gasps of great art emanating from its twitching body.

Dave Chappelle grandly escaped the hangman's noose with his...

05 December 2019


  1. Common- Leader (Crib Love)
  2. JAre- Classroom Chatter
  3. Razor Nights – Army of Shadows
  4. Anderson Pak Ft. Smokey Robinson -Make It Better
  5. Beastie Boys – Shadrach A JRawls Remix
  6. ...
Album cover Losst and Found with Harry Nilsson in a jaunty hat
05 December 2019

Maybe a decade ago I was a hockey fan. During an unexpected moment of affluence my wife and I splurged on Blue Jackets season tickets in the nosebleed section, and I would dutifully go down to see bad hockey week after...


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