Words Community Festival and Local Action Global Impact in circles around a world and some trees
09 June 2019

My earliest memory of Comfest was probably the Summer of 2000. I was in the process of wrapping up a degree at Ohio State and living at a place on Tompkins Street. I was sort of dragooned into going by the guys who lived next door, who...

Black background with black and white photo of white man with receding hairline and words Mercury and McGovern
06 June 2019

Foghat released its self-titled British boogie debut; T. Rex, its third album, The Slider; and Chicago's V was America's number one thanks to its feelgood hit, Saturday In The Park.

It was also Chicago's last album without a...

Black and white pen and ink drawing of a little girl with long hair blowing straight out in the wind with a scepter in one hand next to a curvy large trunked tree
03 June 2019

Jay-Z and Cam'Ron publicly squashed their beef last month during Jay-Z’ s BSIDES + Album Cuts show by performing “Welcome To New York City” at Webster Hall.  Makes listening to music less complicated for this Columbus rap critic.

Album cover with werewolf and orange and yellow background
02 May 2019

Weddings, over the years, have been something of a pain in the ass. From time to time I’ve done everything from a Catholic Church to a cornfield, and it’s all sort of a frontal assault on those of us who suffer from ADD. While my...

White toilet with lid up and toilet paper roll on hanger on wall under a silver bar against a brown tile wall and floor
29 April 2019

No names will be mentioned, nor place of performance. No band name, no bar name, no set list. This...group...is real. It exists. It must never see this review.

Because I don't want to hurt their feelings. Nor do I want to die....

Three white men dressed in blue jeans and black T-shirts with withe baseball caps and little white tabs around them like they are cut-out paper dolls standing outside on the grass under a big black sign that says Hellroys is Real
03 April 2019

Everyone who read the adventures of Peter Pan knows the directions to Neverland – first star on the left and straight on ‘til morning. But after a heavy night of bourbon swilling directions can get a little muddled up, especially when...


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