Three white men dressed in blue jeans and black T-shirts with withe baseball caps and little white tabs around them like they are cut-out paper dolls standing outside on the grass under a big black sign that says Hellroys is Real
03 April 2019

Everyone who read the adventures of Peter Pan knows the directions to Neverland – first star on the left and straight on ‘til morning. But after a heavy night of bourbon swilling directions can get a little muddled up, especially when...

Red and blue watercolor-like paint lines above yellow lines that look like a skyline
31 March 2019

Sam Craighead’s newest release “Self-Portrait w/Fries” made me question: what do I think of comedy music?

I like Sam Craighead’s catalog.

His skillset fits a Henry Nilson-meets David-Berman vibe, clueing you in why people...

Purple lighted picture of white man performing side view holding a guitar
14 March 2019

The Electric Hand.

The Torments.

The Detroit Cobras.

Three die-hard garage rock bands. Three gangs essentially. Their main religious belief: die with your boots on, rocking on 11!

Thus the last Saturday night...

Round mandala with Native American symbols and a heart in the middle between two swiggly  lines depicting the serpent mound
11 March 2019

The Serpent Mound Spring Seed and Water Blessing, Music Peace Summit is a celebration and blessing of ancient seeds from around the world; praying, energizing, and exchanging these seeds. Visitors will experience music, sound healing,...

Five people posing two sitting on each side and three standing in the middle
09 March 2019
Oakland psych r&b/electronic band Bells Atlas will be releasing their new LP, 'the mystic' on 4/19 on Tender Loving Empire. Their new LP is a sci-fi fantasy of two first-generation Nigerian American women coming to terms...
Black and white photo of room with lots of guitars and a banjo hanging on the wall and other musical instruments
06 February 2019

One month ago, I moved from my beloved Arcadia Avenue to the suburban paradise of Upper Arlington. I had my reasons, and I don’t regret the decision. But I do miss the noise and life of the city. There has also been something of a...


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