Red and blue watercolor-like paint lines above yellow lines that look like a skyline
31 March 2019

Sam Craighead’s newest release “Self-Portrait w/Fries” made me question: what do I think of comedy music?

I like Sam Craighead’s catalog.

His skillset fits a Henry Nilson-meets David-Berman vibe, clueing you in why people...

Purple lighted picture of white man performing side view holding a guitar
14 March 2019

The Electric Hand.

The Torments.

The Detroit Cobras.

Three die-hard garage rock bands. Three gangs essentially. Their main religious belief: die with your boots on, rocking on 11!

Thus the last Saturday night...

Round mandala with Native American symbols and a heart in the middle between two swiggly  lines depicting the serpent mound
11 March 2019

The Serpent Mound Spring Seed and Water Blessing, Music Peace Summit is a celebration and blessing of ancient seeds from around the world; praying, energizing, and exchanging these seeds. Visitors will experience music, sound healing,...

Five people posing two sitting on each side and three standing in the middle
09 March 2019
Oakland psych r&b/electronic band Bells Atlas will be releasing their new LP, 'the mystic' on 4/19 on Tender Loving Empire. Their new LP is a sci-fi fantasy of two first-generation Nigerian American women coming to terms...
Black and white photo of room with lots of guitars and a banjo hanging on the wall and other musical instruments
06 February 2019

One month ago, I moved from my beloved Arcadia Avenue to the suburban paradise of Upper Arlington. I had my reasons, and I don’t regret the decision. But I do miss the noise and life of the city. There has also been something of a...

Two guys on stage one playing guitar
04 February 2019

The Offense Book of Books Release event at Ace of Cups allowed me to think about music writing within context. The book is a compilation of The Offense post punk zine published from 1980 to 1982 curated by Tim Anseatt.

 I first...


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