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30 May 2020

This summer, WCRS FM will celebrate ten years of broadcasting from the Free Press Carriage House in Olde Towne East. While the physical WCRS Studios have been closed for the last two months, there is reason to celebrate how far...

Bob Dylan
02 May 2020

Well, it's mostly nonsense---17 minutes of it---Bob Dylan rasping pleasingly over a simple rolling piano figure, relaxed, but often tastelessly and grotesquely describing JFK's gruesome assassination November 22, 1963, in...

Album cover
20 April 2020

As this lockdown drags on, excitement is at a premium. Foghat’s “Slow Ride,” once just a guilty pleasure, has now become a breakfast tradition. Which is another way of saying that a new album to review felt something...

A Gibson guitar
05 March 2020

In August of 2011, the usually boring world of guitar production was jolted by the arrival of federal agents at three Gibson guitar facilities in Tennessee. The agents executed a search warrant and seized large quantities of Madagascar...

Snarls band members
04 March 2020

Snarls will play at Ace of Cups on March 6 to celebrate the release of their album Burst. The Columbus band is attracting attention from the blog circuit while preparing to tour.

Snarls’ sound is somewhere between the better...

James Brown album cover
03 March 2020

James Brown has been on my mind lately, not sure why.

Wasn't the first time and definitely won't be the last he just pops in and we stare at each other.

My first JB experience was like seeing a being from another planet....


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