Gaye Adegbalola playing a guitar
05 September 2020
Gaye Adegbalola will perform LIVE (from Virginia) on Friday evening Sept 11 at 7PM -  Gaye is a Blues Music Award winner, and is best known musically as a founding member of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women (1984 – 2009). The group...
Woman sitting at a patio table
25 August 2020

Definition from the Greek paradigm meaning pattern: “A paradigm is a scheme for understanding and explaining certain aspects of reality.”

For the last 2000+ years we’ve been in the Piscean Age which focuses on, among other values...

Photos of people in article
18 August 2020

The story that I am about to relate could well have been a contemporary adaptation of Dickens, yet I feel that even Dickens would have been impressed at the amount of adversity that I am about to tell. There is no exaggeration. I have...

Glenn and Peggysue
03 August 2020

First, heartfelt thank you goes out to Mercer County Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Ingraham for answering prayers for leniency. Wisdom, kindness, compassion. Justice as it should be.

There’s a story here, one that winds through...

Gail and words Calling All Seekers
29 July 2020

Let’s talk about Mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of the main components of yoga and one of its biggest benefits. Mindfulness is PRESENCE. What Ram Dass talked about in his 1974 book Be Here Now. Eckhart...

Details about event
17 July 2020

Did you miss the July Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon?

If so, here's a run-down of what happened and how you can be involved next time!

Speakers were Mia Santiago, one of the founders of the Columbus...


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