Woman with curly hair
19 May 2022

Over half of young trans people have contemplated suicide. Now up to a third of us could lose the care that’s been proven to prevent it.

In states across the country, small-minded lawmakers are pushing cruel, vicious new bills...

Young man speaking
15 May 2022

Mark Stansbery, Free Press Board member, again did a fabulous job facilitating the May Second Saturday Cyber Salon on May 14.

See Video...

11 May 2022

In the world of policing where white men have set the rules for generations, two Black women will now be critiquing those rules in the city of Columbus—but they bring very different sensibilities to the task.

Janet Jackson is the...

Comic with DeWine and son
29 April 2022

We’ve all heard of the old axiom about aging “like a fine wine.” Of course, in Ohio politics hardly anything is aging finely these days, including our recently-rendered-useless amendments to Ohio’s Constitution that attempted to curtail...

The two DeWine men
27 April 2022

Just in time for the primary election on May 3, Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines is putting its quirky political ad “Meet Mike DeSwine” on TV news channels around Ohio this week, while...

White woman with glasses
19 April 2022

Today, Community Organizer and Producer/Host of GrassRoot Ohio Radio/Podcast ...


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