Sign reading denial is not a policy
05 October 2019

Climate Strike Activists
Thank you, young people of the world, for helping energize the rest of us to address the urgency of climate change! Among the state’s organizers of the local Climate Strike on September...

White guy and Latina woman smiling for the camera
01 October 2019

For the most part, theFreep supports Sen. Sherrod Brown and his daughter Elizabeth Brown, current Columbus City Council Pro Tem, or temporary council president, but this is no endorsement for re-election.

Mrs. Brown is...

Clothes with picture of young black girl on them with words Shop KylieDreamz
14 September 2019

Kylie Dreamz, LLC is a girl’s apparel and accessory line with the purpose of empowering little girls of color who are often underrepresented. The new business is owned by seven-year-old Kylie Scroggins; a second grader in Galloway, Ohio...

Black and white photo of Bernie Sanders gesturing as he talks
03 September 2019

When Donald Trump used to call out the “fake news” for being biased during the 2016 presidential election, it was a not-so-subtle way for him to appeal to Bernie Sanders’ supporters who felt the same pain. The blatant bias shown towards...

Young white man with brown hair and a Bexley T-shirt holding a small American flag
05 August 2019

I don’t typically get personal in my columns for The Free Press -- I usually rant about the latest antics of the two party system or the Ohio Republican Party -- but it’s time for me to reflect on my last year and a half in...

Gray haired white man with long face, black eyebrows looking worried
16 July 2019

January 25, 2001 - Imagine Columbus Alive's surprise last week when Nigel Rosser, a British journalist and reported confidant of the royal family, contacted us to inquire about Prince Andrew's central Ohio connection....


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