Colorful artwork of people all wearing masks and words Our Rights and Our Vote!
09 November 2020

As part of a new national campaign to deliver better treatment and pay to all “essential...

White man in a suit and glasses smiling
28 October 2020

Whenever you hear something repeated, it feels more true when you hear it repeated. In other words, repetition makes any statement seem more true. So anything you hear will feel more true each time you hear it again.

Each of the...

Man and woman smiling
22 October 2020

Director Emeritus, Kent R. Beittel, passed away October 16 at the age of 72. His efforts, passion and accomplishments in helping the homeless and marginally housed were unmatched and his legacy will live on at The Open Shelter. Kent and...

Man and woman holding a plaque
12 October 2020

If you missed the fun October 10 from 7-8:30pm on Zoom, there is a video you can view of the event.

The Columbus Free Press celebrated our 50th anniversary with a slideshow of...

Black woman talking into a mic
07 October 2020

When Adrienne Hood joined protests on the downtown streets in the wake of the George Floyd murder, she was there mainly for her son, Henry Green, who was killed by two plainclothes Columbus police officers in 2016 who remain on the...

Calling all seekers logo
04 October 2020

I want to review an amazing little book called WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? By Dr. Spenser Johnson. It’s about change and how to deal with it effectively. The 4 characters are 2 mice, Sniff and Scurry, and 2 Littlepeople called Hem and...


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