Bob Fitrakis and Suzanne
10 January 2021

There was unexpected good news at the January 2021 Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon! On Saturday night, January 9, about 45 local and national community activists met through Zoom from 7-8pm to hear about...

Columbus Media Insider logo
02 January 2021

The story of 2020 is that not much happened and everything happened.

It started as a presidential election year with much at stake and is ending with an existential threat to democracy apparently repelled.

Just when the...

Many turn to teleconference for Christmas
24 December 2020

Many families and workplaces are celebrating holiday gatherings through videoconference as COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders continue—including finding ways to share...

White man with glasses
13 December 2020

At the December Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon, we discussed a progressive agenda for 2021, both locally and nationally. Many local activists reported on their goals and events for the new year.

Smiling young white man
12 December 2020

Many questions remain surrounding how Casey Goodson was killed and the officer who killed him, Deputy Jason Meade.

As more details emerge about Meade – like his background as a pastor and his controversial Christian views on...

Issa and child
21 November 2020

Sign + Share - #ReuniteUS!

Issa Sao turned 40 last week. It was a sad day, with his wife and kids...


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