On February 27 about 900 Bernie Sanders supporters gathered for a rally at the Wexner Center Plaza on the OSU campus and marched to Goodale Park.
01 March 2016

“Are you tired of the 1 percent making more than the bottom half of this country?” asked Troy Harris, an activist with Central Ohio Grassroots for Bernie Sanders. “Are you tired of corporate-owned Democrats and Republicans who are...

Photo of Bernadine Kent
03 February 2016

March 15, 2016 is the Ohio Primary Election and time for the people of certain districts to vote for their House Representative. One of those districts is the 25th district, a “whistle blower” is running for that spot, and her...

25 January 2016

“The billionaire class and their representatives in Washington are so powerful that the best president in the world cannot defeat them alone,”...

17 December 2015

“Money doesn’t win. Pre-primary polls don’t win,” said Jason Edwards. “Votes win, and we have the people to go out and get them.”

Edwards was speaking on December 16 outside the Ohio Secretary of State’s office as nearly 6,000...

Hand holding marijuana plant
27 October 2015

What does Issue 3 say?
  It is understandable that people want concrete answers concerning what will happen if Issue 3 passes. To help clear up a few misconceptions concerning ResponsibleOhio’s ballot language – assuage...

23 October 2015

As Election Day draws near, a lot is at stake for working people in Seattle. But the outcome of Seattle’s City Council race will also reverberate in communities across the nation who want their city government to serve its constituents...


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