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19 June 2021



Toby rolled out of his bed and walked to the front door. He opened it and looked down, expecting to see his pile of papers, delivered to him by one of the nicest guys on the planet, Jake Adler,...

Silhouette of woman running
03 June 2021

Mack Beggs has a problem. The Texas teen is an accomplished wrestler, but the state forces him to wrestle girls. That’s because Mack was born a female, and though he’s begun transitioning to male, Texas law requires...

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30 May 2021


Lynette O’Grady had a habit of quickly and succinctly identifying a solution to a particular problem, part of what made her a good editor, and who she is.

This day, she indulged another habit: looking at a...

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18 May 2021


Ablock later, the bus stopped again, and Anton stepped on, fumbling for change.

“Oh, man,” Anton said, counting out what he had.

“How much you need?” Jim said.

“I don’t know. A buck?”

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09 May 2021


Isabel entered the restaurant, and Kate and their father, Edgar Smith Wilson, waved her over. He dutifully kissed and hugged both girls, his girls.

“Can you believe, we’ve never been to this place?” Isabel...

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02 May 2021


Jack Barns hung up his phone with a finger tap on the desk. He loved his desk, just like the one in the first Tron movie.

Screen, keyboard, phone, all touchscreen through the desktop glass. The only thing...


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