Map of Ohio solar farms and solar workers
13 March 2023

Ohio’s non-residential solar industry – also known as utility-scale solar energy – is entering into a boomtime. Across the state’s vast farmlands massive solar panel farms are coming online, under construction or in a planning phase,...

Cows being beamed up to a spaceship
10 March 2023

Two-day event to talk unexplained sightings, strange phenomena in the shadow of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

The UFO Heritage Team

What does our government know about UFOs? What does the evidence say about why they are...

Information about steriods
04 March 2023

When people in the Columbus, Ohio area think about the Arnold Sports Festival, it’s usually about how much revenue it generates over the three-day weekend it takes place over the first weekend of March every year.

That is...

Book cover
03 March 2023

No period of our history has had more books written about it than the US Civil War. However, the diplomatic struggle, international aspects of this fight, has not been included. That gap in our historic record has now been magnificently...

People reading
28 February 2023

The United States and Ohio commit relentlessly to limit children’s reading and literacy. Led by Ohio State University’s anti-academic, anti-children’s learning, and profiteering Reading Recovery—where there is nothing to “recover,” let...

Scene of railroad track and machinery
25 February 2023

On Thursday night at Studio 25, a small art gallery in downtown East Palestine, a meeting hosted by River Valley Organizing was held regarding the Norfolk Southern derailment disaster. This meeting included scientists who came to town...


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