Mapfre stadium
29 December 2020

As 2020 finally comes to an end, many publications are releasing their annual “best and worst” lists, but in a year marred by such tragedy, is anything worth celebrating? Many are simply summing up 2020 with terms like “please end” or “...

22 December 2020

Here we are, on the cusp of 2021. Thank the Goddess. COVID has been dominating our lives since March. We all know someone who has died because of the pandemic. It has changed our lives in ways we don’t even know yet. It has been...

Toys under a Christmas tree
16 December 2020

Take a deep breath, many of us are getting through this year with our feet still on the ground, albeit in our living room’s makeshift office.

That’s no big surprise coming from Free Press fans, a dedicated and determined...

Sierra Club logo
13 December 2020

Most Free Press readers are familiar with Ohio House Bill 6, the infamous $1.3 billion electric ratepayer bailout of FirstEnergy’s nukes and coal.  And the bribery and racketeering scam revealed by the FBI last July,...

Ship in Pearl Harbor
07 December 2020

One of the holiest days of the year is fast approaching. Are you ready?...

Image of election results
28 November 2020

You did it! You flexed your electoral muscles and made history. Marijuana voters – all 13+...


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