Miriam Vargas
05 July 2021

In a light-hearted red-white-and-blue moment Miriam Vargas shares her patriotic spirit as she celebrates her first Fourth of July since she was released from sanctuary in February. Although she has spent the last 3 such...

Cuba is not alone
26 June 2021

On June 23, 2021 the United States was one of two nations that voted against a United Nations UN) resolution condemning the embargo on Cuba. Israel was the other opposing vote. There were 184 nations voting in favor.

Most member...

Woman holding marijuana plant
21 June 2021

Medical marijuana patients with conditions that are tricky to treat may wonder: If I know a cannabis strain works for me, why can’t I grow it myself at home? Home-growing of cannabis is a hotly-debated topic across the country....

Mounds at Little Turtle
18 June 2021

The following article is a prime example of what neighborhoods across Columbus are up against when trying to fight Columbus City Council and the Mayor’s office and the connections they have between developers (and others) along with...

Lots of people on Zoom
13 June 2021

The Free Press June Second Saturday Cyber-Salon started with Free Press Board member Mark Stansbery reflecting on the history of organizing in Columbus, including the beginning of the...

Woman vaping
08 June 2021
This article reprinted courtesy of DocMJ Ohio. To get your Ohio medical marijuana card, go to ...


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