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07 March 2020

Planning for ComFest 2020 is in full stride. It’s almost spring and before long the community’s greatest event will return to Goodale Park showcasing Columbus’ rich cultural, music and arts scene. And of course, ComFest promotes and...

People smiling at camera including Esther Flores
03 March 2020

Well-known local human rights activist Esther Flores is this month’s speaker at the Free Press Second Saturday Salon. The Free Press Salon is a gathering place for progressive people to socialize, network and have a good time....

13 February 2020

Today, attitudes towards sexual health are more enlightened than they’ve ever been. Experts understand how STDs occur, how they are transmitted, and even how to cure many of them efficiently. Yet, according to the CDC, cases of syphilis...

Botanist dispensary building
07 February 2020

Let’s talk about strains. The word strain has many meanings: there are musical strains, muscular strains, and, yes, marijuana strains. The latter is what one looks for when purchasing cannabis from a dispensary.

Granted, in...

Name of event with photos of young black students
01 February 2020

The “Building the Black Agenda” event January 23 used the term African Diaspora... “the disbursement of African peoples from their homelands through the Transatlantic Slave Trades between 1500s to the 1800s.” About 60 people attended...

A hand drawing a chart
17 January 2020

Before the committee members, volunteers, and organizers begin to hit the doors, we should look at a little bit of what I call “organizing math.” Yes, I know saying the word, “math,” is a trigger alert for many would be activists and...


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