Peace sign
06 August 2023

Hello Letter to the Editors:

The global community reaches its 78th year of the nuclear age. What arose out of scientists' minds, militarists' strategies, and political strongmen ambition (Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, and Truman)...

A chart depicting how gerrymandering affects election outcomes
02 August 2023

A small group of Ohio GOP politicians are leading the effort to pass Issue 1 that will make it almost impossible for any future citizen-led constitutional amendments to succeed.

An Ohio law passed in 1912, or 111 years ago,...

26 July 2023

UPDATES: Issue 1 – RMLA – Courage in Cannabis launch

Several months have passed since the Ohio General Assembly decided to force its absolute power over statewide ballot initiatives with Issue 1, slated for an August...

Guy who funded Issue 1
13 July 2023

Issue 1, to be voted on August 8th, wants to raise the number of votes required for citizen-initiated Ohio Constitutional amendments (the ones people bother you about in the Kroger parking lot) to pass from a simple majority (50% + 1)...

Mail truck
06 July 2023

Of no interest to anyone in City Hall, any of Columbus’ daily “media” outlets, and any of its Congressional representative except Sen. Sherrod Brown, the United States Postal Service in Columbus ranks as one of the three or four...

Book cover
27 June 2023

I have always been interested in religion and its role in American society. My five siblings and I grew up in a religious household. Up until the time I was in third or fourth grade we lived right next door to Hilltop United Methodist...


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