Open Shelter sign and man standing next to it
21 April 2020

Over at The Open Shelter, they have upped their sanitation with cleanings twice a day. They are also offering hand sanitizer as soon as people walk in. Not only do people not have access to places to wash their hands, making them more...

Guy riding a lawn mower
14 April 2020

With unemployment in Ohio on the rise, more people are turning to gig work such as on-demand lawn care.

According to the Department of Labor, 272,129 people in Ohio filed for unemployment in Week Ending March 28, up 39%...

Strange round topped factory looking buildings
30 March 2020

Nuclear power is uniquely vulnerable to global events such as hostilities, climate change and now, suddenly – pandemics.  Worldwide, nations with nuclear power are finding themselves in emergency situations as the coronavirus spreads.  ...

store clerk
25 March 2020

As the novel coronavirus sweeps through America, about...

Doctor Acton
21 March 2020

The Free Press has been calling for the full legalization of marijuana for half a century – this year marks the paper’s 50th anniversary, by the way, and we will continue to publish. But in no other time does the Free Press...

Mom Bomb tile
17 March 2020

Mom Bomb supports moms in need through a portion of proceeds from bath bomb product sales, along with generous donations. We would like to introduce our latest mom. Meet Jordan, a single mother who had recently lost her job and was...


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