Freelance Solidarity booth
29 April 2023

Freelance workers in Central Ohio will soon have access to basic wage protections under a new ordinance in the city of Columbus. Columbus City Council is expected to vote in favor of the changes to wage protection laws within the...

18 April 2023

The Waldos, the 1970s, Lobby Day, Adult Use

Happy 4/20 or 420, as it is known!! The famed cannaholiday is upon us once again! It’s been over 50 years since five Southern California teens coined the term. While it is...

Map and Dr. Amy Acton
06 April 2023

RAPID 5’s “vision” to put parks and greenways within a mile-and-a-half of all Franklin County residents is arguably one of the most ambitious public-private development endeavors in the history of Central Ohio.

RAPID 5 stands for...

30 March 2023

Partners working at the 1085 West 5th Avenue Starbucks had worked side-by-side in cramped quarters through the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet the day before their scheduled in-person unionization vote earlier this month, Starbucks...

People outside striking with signs
23 March 2023

Yesterday, March 22, was a big day for labor in Columbus. Striking Starbucks workers shut down two locations, unions crowded two Statehouse hearings, and Wex Arts workers won their union, a struggle that took over two years.


Grain silos
20 March 2023

Not only have several major Columbus-based developers taken leadership roles for RAPID 5, but two major international developers are also playing a significant part in the reshaping of Central Ohio’s five major waterways and Metro Parks...


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