09 June 2020

Love is Letting Go of Fearis the title of a small book  with a big message. You can think of love and fear as sides of a coin: while the one side is dominant, the other side is negated.

In our current situation, there is a lot of...

05 June 2020

In the wee hours last Saturday morning, Columbus Police discussed using deadly force against anti-police brutality demonstrators.

Columbus Police Lieutenant and SWAT Commander Paul Ohl wrote a summary to Deputy Chief D.C. Becker...

30 May 2020

The following are statements about the death of another African American at the hands of those sworn to protect us and the local and nationwide protests still ongoing.

My message to protesters is simple, will their turn...

07 May 2020

Infant mortality, while being a tragedy on its own, is a bellwether statistic that indicates deep structural issues – structural issues that won’t go away with all the training and education in the world. 


Poem and pink flowers
30 April 2020

Let’s spare a recital of COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic’s facts and figures. Simply put, they are sickening, staggering, scary, unprecedented, unfathomable, unimaginable, hellish, horrific, historic. The human suffering combined with...


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