Woman yelling into a mega phone
25 May 2021

“Immigration cases are often life or death matters.”

That’s the message Houleye Thiam, President of the Columbus-based Mauritanian Network for Human Rights in US (MNHRUS), has been sending throughout their organization’s campaign...

Sign saying We Demand Police Accountability
15 April 2021

Since 1871 the Civil Rights Act has held state and local officials—including police officers—legally liable for damages if their actions violate a citizen’s Constitutional rights. 

That’s until the Supreme Court punched a huge...

Collage of photos
25 March 2021

In the derelict and nearly extinct Westland Mall, where the current owner couldn’t care less about the cratered parking lot, there’s still one last tenant hanging on – and for those who enter this tenant’s premises, they must unload...

Two pictures one of cops and protesters, one of a cop getting ready to punch a guy
05 March 2021

The protester civil-rights suit concluded this week as two Columbus police commanding officers took the virtual stand in the City’s defense. One commander insinuated the Division’s use of force against protesters was warranted because...

Collage of photos about the protests
23 February 2021

The federal lawsuit against the Columbus Division of Police’s overly aggressive and war-like response to mostly peaceful protesters is underway this week with People’s Justice Project’s Tammy Fournier Alsaada as lead plaintiff and...

Details about event
18 February 2021

On Thursday, February 18th, Edith Espinal will leave Columbus Mennonite Church, where she’s been living in sanctuary for more than three years, to meet with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. While ICE officials have...


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