Shireen Abu Akleh
01 June 2023

May 11 marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of Palestinian America journalist Shireen Abu Akleh who was killed by an Israeli soldier while wearing a clearly marked vest while on assignment to cover a military raid in Jenin...

Young blonde woman
25 May 2023

The Ohio Immigrant Alliance is a group of immigrants and citizens working together to protect the dignity and rights of all individuals who choose to make Ohio their home. We engage in activism...

David Harewood
04 May 2023

Nazis disrupted a drag brunch on the Westside last week. Social media exploded over the news that white supremacists were disrupting a children’s event and were surprised by the inability of Columbus Division of Police to ensure the...

David Harewood
28 April 2023

When the City of Columbus apparatus (government) does respond to massive calls for systemic, progressive change, it does its best to do so in the most superficial, and often in the most hypocritical and insulting way possible.   


Statehouse and details
20 April 2023

On April 19, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 92 and Senate Joint Resolution 2, which would strip political power away from everyday Ohioans and make it harder for their voices to be heard. We cannot...

Gray haired man
11 April 2023

The recently introduced Ohio Senate Bill 83, the so-called Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act, has generated heated debate and considerable confusion over the bill’s motivation, what it actually says, its implications and impacts....


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