Person being arrested
31 July 2023

Jadarrius Rose’s semi was traveling through the middle of Ohio near Circleville on July 4th when a state trooper tried to pull him over for missing a mud flap on one of his tires on a perfectly sunny day.

State troopers often...

Sign saying Freedom Can't Exist on Stolen Land
20 July 2023

Opens August 11

12 July 2023

With a handgun strapped to his belt, the owner of what was once a Far West Side farm points a chubby finger to a nearby retention pond in a small and mostly forgotten City of Columbus park. “There was once an old stone church there....

Worker holding sign
28 June 2023

On Wednesday, June 28, workers at the 1085 W. 5th Ave. Starbucks store will be on an unfair labor practice strike to demand that Starbucks meet the partners at the bargaining table to negotiate a fair contract. The workers are also...

Man in T-shirt saying Peace, Justice, Freedom, Dignity for all
16 June 2023

You need to get involved.

Members of the Black Mauritanian community – in Ohio and beyond – have been opening their homes to young men and women applying for asylum in the US. The situation in their native country is...

Refugee families walking on a road
07 June 2023

May 15th of this year was the 75th anniversary of the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe) that befell Palestinians when the state of Israel was created, at least 750,000 Palestinians (about 75 percent of the indigenous population) were...


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