Guy singing with guitar on stage
26 July 2022

Terrapin Moon came on after the white-hot fireballs known as Electric Orange Peel (should say 'Atomic' Orange Peel). A Grateful Dead cover/tribute band whose version of China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider was spot-on, the mournful...

The four men in the band posing
16 July 2022

"This guy cannot sing."

 That was my initial impression of the husky hippie guitar player fronting the band who followed The Neil Show!, namely Electric Orange Peel, on the late Friday afternoon white Gazebo Stage.

Soon I...

The band
10 July 2022

Two years of death and disease and no live music---I hardly recognize myself. Thus it was Comfest '22 gently re-immersed this battered, drifting soul into the mildly healing waters of outdoor song-and-jamfestival-born. Better that way,...

Historical photo of Free Press at Comfest
30 June 2022

Comfest returned this year. Comfest celebrated a 50 year anniversary last weekend.

Comfest began in 1972 as a community concert founded with a group of political activists, artists, craftspeople, local business owners, musicians,...

People playing instruments
24 June 2022

Community Festival (ComFest) kicks off Friday, June 24 at noon in Goodale Park.

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, ComFest is back live and will feature over 150 musical performances, workshops and community-oriented...

05 May 2022

Senior Crawl is this thing where graduating Ohio State students all wear white shirts, and walk from the various bars while signing each other’s shirts.

I didn’t graduate college so it’s usually this...


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