The band
10 July 2022

Two years of death and disease and no live music---I hardly recognize myself. Thus it was Comfest '22 gently re-immersed this battered, drifting soul into the mildly healing waters of outdoor song-and-jamfestival-born. Better that way,...

Historical photo of Free Press at Comfest
30 June 2022

Comfest returned this year. Comfest celebrated a 50 year anniversary last weekend.

Comfest began in 1972 as a community concert founded with a group of political activists, artists, craftspeople, local business owners, musicians,...

People playing instruments
24 June 2022

Community Festival (ComFest) kicks off Friday, June 24 at noon in Goodale Park.

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, ComFest is back live and will feature over 150 musical performances, workshops and community-oriented...

05 May 2022

Senior Crawl is this thing where graduating Ohio State students all wear white shirts, and walk from the various bars while signing each other’s shirts.

I didn’t graduate college so it’s usually this...

Man singing into mic
22 April 2022

I don’t know if it’s supply and demand. I don’t know if it’s Covid. I don’t know if Trump, and his friends are waging economic sanctions within our country for criticizing the January 6th attack. I don’t know if someone...

Tyler the Creator
28 February 2022

First things first.

This was my first show since quarantine. 

Last time I was watching someone rap live, Organized Konfusion’s “Extinction Agenda” was a Hip Hop classic. Organized Konfusion...


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