Collage of pictures from salon
14 March 2021

The March Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon was hosted by Simply Living, with Chuck Lynd, director of Support Ohio Local Economies (SOLE)...

Black man pointing and talking into a mic
24 February 2021

“As a fact finder I need to know answers to some of these questions. It’s not going to be sufficient for you today to simply say, ‘somebody else is investigating, I can’t comment.’ Yes you can comment and yes you must,” said Judge...

Hudson and Equal Upper Arlington logo
18 February 2021

In a white-dominated Columbus old-money suburb, another left-leaning government official is being targeted by a secretive group with an obvious right-wing bent.

Expressing or acting on progressive views in one of Central Ohio’s...

Details about event
14 February 2021

The February Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon started with some songs from local musician/activist Bill Cohen. He gave us a sample of the type of music and trivia we will find during his Annual Valentine's Concert ...

Collage of photos about Kroger
10 February 2021

On a recent frigid early morning in a cramped, small-town Kroger twenty minutes outside Columbus, a long line twists and turns near the in-store pharmacy, one of 2,200 in-store pharmacies Kroger operates.

The line is somewhat...

30 January 2021

When local media reported Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan was stepping downon Thursday, January 28, many Columbus residents were relieved and hopeful. The Columbus Dispatch quoted Mayor Andy Ginther’s rationale for asking...


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