Daniel Poneman
02 January 2020

As readers of The Free Press may know, the Portsmouth Nuclear Site at Piketon, Ohio, is heavily contaminated with radioactivity from 50 years of operations that enriched uranium to make nuclear bombs, and later to fuel nuclear...

Comic about Trump's legacy
02 January 2020

President Donald Trump will hold his first 2020 presidential campaign rally in Ohio on January 9 at a “Keep America Great” event in Toledo. On December 16, 2019, Trump filed to be on the ballot in Ohio, unopposed by any other Republican...

Comic about wanting to pay for healthcare
01 January 2020

In a world where advanced healthcare has not only been plausible, but widely available for decades, one would think that with time, healthcare would become better, easier to access, and if not free, very close to free.  Certainly, one...

Three women including Esther in the middle
06 December 2019

‘Tis the season to be jolly in Columbus with all its folly. A love addict with a love tribe from the community organization “1DivineLine2Health” is paying forward their serendipity to several families with children living in poverty on...

Houses in the snow
05 December 2019

For luxury condo or apartment developers, we have heard it’s feast or famine. So it’s no surprise they want density in our coolest neighborhoods, which is bad enough. Worse is how they are building boorish and Easton-like monsters...

Black man deep in conversation
05 December 2019

The decision is now entirely up to Columbus Mayor Ginther. But, if the community’s response to the Police Chief auditions held at East High on November 21 was any indication, it is certain that Seattle Assist Police Chief was the clear...


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