Joe Motil
02 August 2023

In response to a criminal complaint filed by Columbus mayoral candidate Joe Motil against a city official, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein referred the matter to Whitehall assistant prosecutor Brad Nicodemus, supposedly for an...

Blackstone building
25 July 2023

Are you struggling to pay rent in Columbus? Are those creeping student loan payments causing you anxiety? Is healthcare forcing you to pick up extra hours at work?

Well, good news! Your tax dollars are about to be going to work...

Greyhound bus
05 July 2023

Several major Columbus news media reported this past week that Greyhound buses are leaving their central location from downtown Columbus and are opening a new terminal at 845 North Wilson Road in the Hilltop neighborhood.

A June...

Quarry Trails Park
27 June 2023

Quarry Trails is Central Ohio’s newest Metro Park, but it is also becoming the area’s latest mixed-use extravaganza. The initial reviews of the park are mixed (so to speak). But this is certain, some Metro Parks fans still want answers...

Issues going on the ballot
15 June 2023

The freedom of reproductive choice in Ohio. Legalizing recreational marijuana in Ohio. Ending Qualified Immunity in Ohio.

Those are all citizen-led ballot initiatives currently seeking to...

Details about event
08 June 2023

Ohio Attorney General David Yost earlier this week rejected the Ohio Coalition to End Qualified Immunity’s (OCEQI) summary of petition yet again. This will be the fifth time the AG’s office...


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