Machine gun and supplies
04 August 2019

Are you afraid to go to the grocery store?

Are you afraid to see a lone young white male amongst a diverse crowd?

What doesn’t make sense is that Hillary Clinton lost, so we were supposed to be safe, right?

If he...

Big yellow machine truck with big scoop on a long neck that says CAT on the side behind a wire fence with other machinery and trees in the background
29 July 2019

Ohio State University uses Caterpillar Inc. machinery for construction purposes on the corner of College Road and Annie and John Glenn Avenue this summer. By investing in a company that profits off of demolishing Palestinian homes, OSU...

Lots of white people outside with signs against HB6
27 July 2019

It was supposed to be just another round of pork in Columbus. The nuclear power industry, which was flush with success from winning billions in bailouts from state governments in New York and Illinois was again prepared to play Ohio's...

Tall green plants that look like trees with leaves with five points
18 July 2019

Earlier this month it was still looking like Prohibition 1920s for CBD oil and industrial hemp in the Buckeye State, but the Ohio General Assembly on Thursday passed Senate Bill 57, allowing for the cultivation of hemp and the legal...

Young white man with facial hair, glasses and a hat posing with his arm around a black woman in a solidarity T-shirt
11 July 2019

On Wednesday at 7 p.m. inside the Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, Columbus Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), hosted Eric Blanc to discuss his book,...

A yellow street sign that shows a family running across a street and the words CAUTION against trees and the words below What Would Jesus Do?
10 July 2019

What would Jesus do about the undocumented immigrant crisis at our southern border?

He would walk with them to America but then hold up his hand and proclaim, “Stop Here!”

He would also create a far-reaching network of pro...


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