Kerry, Schwartzenegger and Kasich on stage
21 March 2020

Climate change is real, and it has had devastating effects. Antarctica reached record high temperatures in the 60s earlier in 2020. Pakistan reached a record high temperature of 125 degrees in 2019. These are some of the devastating...

Sign saying Housing is a human right
20 March 2020

Yesterday, the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless delivered a letter to the Governor’s office signed by 80 organizations and leading individuals from across the state calling for a state-wide moratorium on evictions and utility...

City skyscrapers and land between, green grass and blue sky versus cracked dry land and fires
12 March 2020

A new freely downloadable book

I would like to announce the publication of a book, which discusses the most serious dangers which the world faces today. The book may be freely downloaded and circulated from the following link:...

Microscope image on swirly colorful background
07 March 2020

Just say no. It had such a quaint ring to it, hearkening back to a simpler time when some thought that binary choices – black and white – could be applied to substance use. In today’s political climate, no has switched to yes, as...

03 March 2020

In this era of Columbus development explosion, Freep has often been critical of the mixed-use condominiums jammed into some of the city’s most unique neighborhoods.

We also feel some recent developments were much needed...

Words Socialist Madness
02 March 2020

Why does universal health care scare so many otherwise rational people?

Why aren’t people more scared that the worker slapping the bun on their burger makes minimum wage, doesn’t have health insurance,...


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