Electric car charging station
29 March 2023


  • 2022 saw record growth worldwide for renewable energy with China providing about half of all renewables installed globally. 

A recent report demonstrates that renewable energy has grown 9.6...

Serpent Mound
15 March 2023

Ohio archaeology has a problem. All around the globe, a movement has been underway to change the imperialist names once given to archaeological sites to names indigenous to the cultures that created those works. This is...

09 March 2023

For a second time, Ohio Attorney General David Yost’s office has rejected the Ohio Coalition to End Qualified Immunity (OCEQI) summary of petition. Undeterred, the OCEQI plans on submitting...

UPS working conditions
01 March 2023

The reasons why a loved one takes their own life is an agonizing question a bereaved family has to deal with for the rest of their lifetime. But if a person decides to take their life at their place of employment,...

Evan and Kroger CEO
21 February 2023

The wrongful death case of a Cincinnati-area Kroger employee Evan Seyfried, who took his own life, will go forward, ruled a judge. The future trial could reveal the level and intensity of politically motivated bullying Evan faced before...


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