Protester outside Ohio statehouse with sign saying The Real Plague with a rat with a swatiska on it
03 July 2020

Just how at-risk was Dr. Amy Acton when alt-right protesters showed up at the Ohio Statehouse and her home back in May?

And how at-risk could protesters and activists be on July 4th?

There are rumors circulating online...

Cops spraying at a protest
23 June 2020

Joe Motil, former Columbus City Council candidate and longtime outspoken critic of the Columbus Police Department states, “Sunday’s use of tear gas and pepper spray on peaceful protesters in downtown Columbus should not have surprised...

Protestors with shields as police in riot gear prepare for attack
21 June 2020

After a day including an LGBTQ-Black Lives Matter march at noon and other anti-police brutality gatherings at the Statehouse this evening, the Columbus Police and SWAT seemed to anticipate trouble with an unprecedented and unnecessry...

Faces of the people in the article
19 June 2020
The protesters in our streets have spurred action by our local and state leaders, and it’s long overdue considering the Columbus Division of Police (CDP) officers who have killed our neighbors are still on the force and facing no...
A guy with a bleeding face, cops and protestors
16 June 2020

“There was nothing that I can tell was improper from that incident,” said Clermont County (Bethel) prosecutor Vince Farris about the sucker punch to the back of the head of a peaceful protester.

Since Sunday, June 14,...

People marching with big banner
13 June 2020

Mayor Ginther and many others are calling for a civilian review board to investigate and rule on police misconduct, but recent history from other cities has shown many civilian review boards to be mostly ineffective.



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