09 December 2021
Environmental coalition cited as instrumental in setting city’s climate goals in line with climate science

Sustainable Columbus unveiled the city’s first ...

03 December 2021

For safety reasons, the names of the sources in this article are aliases.

This past Monday morning, students were shocked to find white supremacist propaganda spread around Ohio State University’s campus. Flyers saying “...

Joe Motil
27 November 2021

Today’s full page plus story in the Columbus Dispatch titled, “Group: Road done for developer not safety” reveals the never ending unethical, underhanded unbridled perpetual deal making that goes on in Columbus City Hall.  ...

Joe Motil
23 November 2021

Former Columbus City Council candidate Joe Motil, who for several years has been Columbus’s most outspoken critic of the Mayor and City Council’s blanket tax abatement policies, states that, “You can certainly tell that the Columbus...

Joe Motil
18 November 2021

When and where is non-conforming high density new development appropriate? For several years now, residents from across Columbus, especially in urban neighborhoods (but not limited to) have been at odds with developers and city...

Out with the old leadership, in with the new
15 November 2021

The COP 26 climate talks took place in Glasgow, Scotland last week. COP stands for Conference of Parties – it is the annual meeting of countries of the world under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate...


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