Three young women with #Fight4HER signs and one older white man in a suit
09 November 2018

“Nine hours into canvassing, a man thanked me and another volunteer for being the foot soldiers of democracy. Braving rain, wind, cold air, and irritated voters, we paved the way for Senator Brown and other champions of...

White woman in a police uniform and wire rimmed glasses smiling and posing
30 October 2018

CPD Chief Kim Jacobs: "We do not tolerate bad cops here," Jacobs stated when her Vice Unit decided to investigate itself for their dubious arrest of Stormy Daniels and two other women, and the unconscionable...

Youngish white woman with straight brown hair smiling at the camera
20 October 2018

I am Constance Gadell-Newton and I am running for Governor as the Green party candidate. I am running on a platform of clean water, with an immediate moratorium on fracking and injection wells in Ohio, a living wage, and single payer,...

Young white man with dark rimmed glasses and a suit with lots of political buttons and a big smile
03 October 2018

As we barrel towards Election Day, it’s become clear the Ohio Debate Commission wasn’t actually created to ensure robust debate for Ohio’s voters. On the contrary, it was meant to stifle any real discussion about the issues and keep...

Older black man, bald with gray mustache and beard in a gray and white shirt holding a photo and standing in front of lots of other photos on the wall.
30 September 2018

The Free Press is happy to announce that the family of Bill Moss is awarding the Bill Moss Award for an Outstanding African American activist posthumously to Columbus photographer Kojo Kamau. His work is on permanent display at the...

Blonde woman in blue t-shirt with a clipboard
26 September 2018
The Free Press will honor Sandy Bolzenius with our 2018 "Libby" award for community activism at the Free Press Awards ceremony on Monday, October 8 at Woodlands Tavern, 1200 W. Third Ave. She is involved in grassroots efforts dedicated to...


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