Looking out a window of women sleeping on the ground
10 September 2021

Esther's Corner of 1DivineLine2Health

Grace takes a whole new meaning in the Ghetto. Grace as a noun is an elegant movement like the butterflies that fly around our garden. Grace is a courteous expression of...

Woman talking into mic
12 August 2021

A 14-year-old former gang member of the “MBKs” or “My Brother’s Keepers,” told his story to the Free Press.  He was living in the Hilltop, but now no longer lives near Mound Street because he was taken away from his mother and...

Nina Turner
21 July 2021

Nina Turner is very scary -- to power brokers who’ve been spending big money and political capital to keep her out of Congress. With early voting underway, tensions are spiking as the decisive Democratic primary race in northeast Ohio...

Fadhel Kaboub
11 July 2021

Here’s what happened at the July Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon on July 10.

Watch the recording here.

Cyber salon host and Free Press Board member...

24 June 2021

When Hillary Clinton endorsed Nina Turner’s main opponent last week, it was much more than just an attempt to boost a corporate Democrat. Clinton’s...

Book cover
23 June 2021

Taken aback by growing employee resistance and turnover, Amazon ...


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