29 October 2021

The lineup of statewide Democratic candidates for remains unsettled.

A few weeks ago, the race for U.S. Senate appeared settled with U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan clearing the field. Then Columbus attorney Morgan Harper entered the fray and...

Collage of photos from the story
11 October 2021

Bol Aweng, now of Hilliard, Ohio, is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. At the age of six, he was forced to flee his village and travel 1,500 miles on foot to a refugee camp in Kenya. Bol eventually came to the United States. He...

Esther Flores
06 October 2021

Being Puerto Rican is complicated in the capital of Ohio. My descendants come from the native islanders, the Taínos, Spain, and West Africa. Puerto Rico was originally known as El Boriquén and the natives Boricuas. Nowadays, the...

Photos of cops and a penny
01 October 2021

The Free Press recently spoke with several drug addicted community members near the sprawling Wedgewood Village apartment community not far from Westgate on Columbus’ west side. Within our community you can score a bag of “...

Homeless camp
23 September 2021

Recently I have become aware of the homeless community in Columbus. The first thing I have observed is the ecological impact. The pictures are of a homeless encampment under I-70 East bound on Central Avenue. Much of the embankment of I...

Looking out a window of women sleeping on the ground
10 September 2021

Esther's Corner

Grace takes a whole new meaning in the Ghetto. Grace as a noun is an elegant movement like the butterflies that fly around our garden. Grace is a courteous expression of...


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