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02 December 2020

We finally made it to the election after being inflicted with a plague, and police murders that resulted in protests, and tear gassing that would make a 14-...

Snarls band members
04 March 2020

Snarls will play at Ace of Cups on March 6 to celebrate the release of their album Burst. The Columbus band is attracting attention from the blog circuit...

05 February 2020

I attended the January 8 debut event of Jay Swifa’s Sound GODZ producer showcase, described as an event “where artists play original beats and grooves.”...

People dressed as presidents in masks with guns
10 December 2019

The thing I learned in 2019 was people can be into wack things and it’s hard to tell if they support Trump or not. The lesson here is that humans will live...

05 December 2019


  1. Common- Leader (Crib Love)
  2. JAre- Classroom Chatter
  3. Razor Nights – Army of Shadows
  4. Anderson Pak Ft. Smokey...
KIP - white guy outside almost laying down on the ground
29 October 2019

I don’t smoke weed, instead I watch internet programming about marijuana. You know those Yule log videos? It’s kinda like the moment where the non-homeless...